Another Telco Bundles Cloud Offerings

I’ve been saying for years (see here and elsewhere) that Cloud Computing may well be the savior of telcos staring down the barrel of rapidly diminishing revenues. In the fact of a massive reduction in telco voice traffic, in favor of IP telephony, telcos are left holding a commoditized revenue stream amidst calls for yet more investment in core infrastructure – a wholly unpalatable situation. It’s no wonder then that you have acquisitions like the Verizon/Terremark deal announced last week. After all, telcos own the billing relationship – bolting more services on top of that is a no-brainer.

Today it’s the turn of Allstream, a business-focused communications provider that is a division of Manitoba Telecom Services. They’re announcing a deal that will see them offer Geminare’s (more on them here) Cloud Replication Services to heir customers. The product offers businesses auto-failover and redirection to a real-time, eplicated server environment in the cloud. It’s outsourced business continuity, offered as a commodity from  telco – nice!

It also leverages the existing nationwide IPfibre network- ensuring DR delays are kept to a minimum. A demo video of the service is embedded below – and more information is available on the Allstream site. The offering will be available to Allstream customers from next month.

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