Appirio Helps to Lower the Noise

Appirio is a great company – they’re a perfect example of how channel partners an survive in a cloudy world. The do exactly what I believe all ISVs will have to do in the years ahead – create vertical offerings that tie together several cloud solutions and sell this on a full-service model to customers.

Anyway – enough flattery. it was great to see the cloud ecosystem map that Appiro has just updated. It’s an incredibly useful tool for anyone who wants to separate the different cloud vendors – across all levels of the stack, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS it gives details of the different providers – be they public, hosted or private.

Of course there are always companies missed out – for example on the document and file backup front I can think of a good half dozen offerings that are missed from the chart. Same goes for the finance apps. That said it’s a very useful resource and Appirio should be applauded for producing it – well done guys!