What I Do

Diversity is a broad spectrum consultancy specialising in SaaS, Cloud Computing and business strategy. Principal and founder Ben Kepes provides various services including;

  • Commentary – Over six years, several thousand posts, dozens of conferences and speaking engagements worldwide I have amassed a high level of understanding of the general technology and cloud computing space. In various publications and events I commentate on technology trends
  • Consulting – I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few years with large organizations helping them navigate their way in the cloud. I spend time with buyers advising them on technology strategy, I spend time with vendors and create awesome programs like CloudU.
  • Advisory – I sit on a number of boards, both formal and informal, and do a lot of ad-hoc advisory work with startups. Sometimes this is paid, less frequently this involves equity and most often this is all done for the price of a cup of coffee (or a skype call). I do this because I love helping startups get to market and grow to scale.
  • Investment – I’m an investor in a number of different companies (a full list is here). Primarily I invest because these companies are doing something that all the work above identifies as a big opportunity of real value – in their different ways Appsecute, Cloudability, Connect2Field and the others deliver on my vision of technology
Feel free to contact me here.