Subsequent to TelecomONE over the weekend, and after a session discussing the social media activities of Telecom employees – some issues became evident.

I’ve always been impressed that Vodafone New Zealand allow (and, I assume, encourage) Paul Brislen, their PR man, to participate in social media – be it on Geekzone, Twitter or this blog.

There has always been a stark contrast between themselves and Telecom New Zealand. I have at least half a dozen friends (yes I consider you friends 🙂 ) within TNZ who are actively engaged in social media – add to that the number of ex-TNZ employees are who were during their TNZ days. All of these people who participate do so anonymously.

At TelecomONE, Telecom high flier Alan Gourdie personally undertook to address this anomaly. Big ups to Alan for both fronting up and making the undertaking.

Even bigger ups to Neil Forster – Neil was the main organiser of TelecomONE, who put his heart and soul into the event. Until now he’s always blogged and twittered anonymously – but I was stoked to read this morning him publicly out himself.

Ben Kepes

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