I’ve spent the last four days on a New Zealand Fire Service course – yes in my spare time I’m a sometimes firefighter. The course was busy and interesting – it was a Station Officer’s course, leadership and command & control type stuff.

Anyway – just trying to catch up and thought I’d post some good stuff;

Kaila sent me this post with the below diagram of a couple of continuii that SaaS and ISV businesses have to deal with. It grapgically depicts a couple of the major decisions that new software players need to make – a little simplistic but after a hard four days simplicity is nice.


The unreasonable men had a couple of excellent posts here and here all about the aggregation of services that SaaS will need to achieve before it gains momentum – I kind of agree but would prefer the aggregation to occur under one banner. However it is done the fact is that defining and fulfiling the needs of verticals (and broadening those verticals) is a neccessary tactic for SaaS players.

Dan is having a BBQ and invites all nearby resident bloggers to attend. Bring some beer (preferably warm and flat to remind him of home).

I’m going to hit the sack – I’ll be back up to speed in a day or so!

Ben Kepes

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