Pohutukawa Tree, Paihia, Bay of Islands, NorthlandHere in the Southern Hemisphere (that’s at the bottom of the globe for the more geographically challenged among you!), it’s summertime.

That means vacations (we call them holidays), Barbecues (we call them barbies) and Sandy beaches (down here they’re often lined with Pohutukawa trees – that’s one of them in the image).

After a year that saw me hit in a plane way too much and in a car way too much, what else to do but jump in a car and go on a roadtrip. We’re heading to the Northland region of New Zealand, a rugged, remote place where mobile phone coverage, let alone mobile data, is patchy at best.

I’ll not be going completely quiet though, as I’ll be running a summer redux series highlighting some of my favorite posts from the year. In true curmudgeonly style I’ll be looking for posts that had something of a rant to them – after all, contention is the spice of life.

So… I’m off. Hoping everyone has a cool Yule, Happy Hanukah or awesomely agnostic break – and for those stil at work… Bummer


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