Gluecon, a great conference organized by Eric Norlin at Denver each year, is shaping up very well this year with more emphasis on the technical side. I attended the event last year and I posted my thoughts about the event here and here. Towards the end of the event last year, I casually mentioned to Eric that there should be more technical discussions in the event. It appears more people have shown interest in having a more technical content in the conference and the net result is this impressive agenda with a great array of speakers.
Starting the day one with a keynote by the UC Berkeley Professor and creator of CAP Theorem, Prof. Eric Brewer, and another one by the creator of Ingres, Mike Stonebraker, there are wide array of topics being discussed including one focussed on Web and cloud architectures, another focussed on various cloud platforms and a track on NoSQL. The day ends with two big bang talks by the security gurus, Michael Barrett and Chris Hoff.
The second day is also shaping up equally well. It starts with a keynote by Doug Crockford, creator of JSON, and a discussion about Twitter API between Ryan Sarver and Chris Shipley. The day is filled with interesting sessions on various topics including Cloud Models, Protocols and Open Standards, APIs, Cloud Storage, etc.. 
Just looking at the agenda makes the geek in me pumped up about the event. I honestly enjoyed the event last year and I am hoping I will be able to attend it this year too. If you are impressed by the agenda Eric has put up and want to attend, please note that the early bird pricing ends this friday. So go ahead and register immediately to avail this pricing. Since Cloud Ave is a media partner to the event, Eric has given a discount code for Cloud Ave readers. If you use “cloudave1″ (without the quotes), you will get 10% off the early bird price and your ticket price drops to $472.50. It is a great price for the content in this year’s agenda.
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