I’ve always been a little sceptical about carbon trading. I see it as an artificial solution to a problem that really needs major societal change to solve.

At best it’s greenwash and at worst a way for consumers to appease their own guilt, albeit ineffective and artificial.

Ben Kepes

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  • Falafulu Fisi |

    Global warming proponents are genuinly deluded people , including the majority of scientists who involved in drafting the IPCC report. I have seen some of the interpretations of the mathematical models in climate research, in which I have to say, that I know very well almost all of the different types of mathematical techniques (algorithms) involved, where the results are over-inflated & twisted and not done properly.

    The most difficult of all models in climate systems is the nested multiple feedback coupling effect and the real scientists (the ones who have deep knowledge of numerical modeling) have identified this difficulty and they are trying to solve this very difficult problem by developing advanced non-linear feedback model to do just that. Overall , there has been very little progress due to its difficulty.

    The IPCC report from 2001 on climate feed-back system is reprinted for the 2007 IPCC report, since there hasn’t been much progress at all in modeling multi-couple climate feed-back system since 2001. There was a NASA sponsored workshop a few years ago, to address this problem, but still , there is not much progress at all.


    The greenies have pushed world governments of today into mass hysteria , so carbon footprint legislation is the tool used to control the population.

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