Apigee , the free API tools platform from Sonoa Systems (See our previous coverage of Apigee here and here), today partnered with Heroku, the Ruby PaaS provider (See our previous coverage of Heroku here and here ), to offer an easy access to Twitter platform.

Apigee has been providing API tools for developers with focus on high performance, simplicity, security and superior analytics. During the chip conference more than a month back, Apigee announced a tie-up with Twitter to simplify access to Twitter API with enhanced rate limit and better performance. This made it easy for Twitter app developers to access Twitter API without having to read through pages and pages of documentation.

We all know that Heroku is on a mission to simplify application deployment by offering a platform service that makes it super easy for anyone to deploy their application with a few clicks. Their ruby based platform is very attractive for developers who develop apps for social services like Twitter, Facebook, etc..

A marriage between these two companies is quite natural and can greatly empower the developers. In my posts on Heroku, I had mentioned how Heroku’s add-on architecture is removing one of the objections of developers towards PaaS. In another post, I wrote about Northscale and how easy it is for Heroku developers to use memcached with their applications. Today, Apigee announced “Apigee for Twitter Heroku addon” and this will allow Heroku developers to quickly quickly access Twitter API through Apigee with a few clicks, very much like the other add-ons.

Now Ruby developers on Heroku platform can develop Twitter apps with enhanced API rate limits, OAuth authentication, etc.. This is a win win for Twitter app developers. On one hand, they can take advantage of a multiple-tenant highly scalable Heroku platform for their app and, on the other hand, they can take advantage of the simplified access offered by Apigee to Twitter platform with some enhanced features that is otherwise unavailable to them.

Platforms are the future of cloud services and APIs are the oxygen for that future. Heroku and Apigee are getting it right to be major players in the PaaSy future.

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