A few months ago I was at an event in the US and received a tweet introducing me to some guys back in New Zealand who were apparently building something on top of Cloud Foundry. Now New Zealand isn’t exactly the central hub of the tech universe, and I’d always figured there was no one at home who’d even heard of Cloud Foundry let alone built a product in its ecosystem – well I was wrong and got a pleasant surprise when I met Mark Cox and Tyler Power, the co-founders of Appsecute. I was so impressed by a couple of super smart guys building a really compelling product away from exposure to the Cloud Foundry conversation that I accepted an invitation to come on board as an adviser and help them fulfill their potential.

Appsecute has a simple focus – it aims to give developers and application owners a single view of all their applications and services. By using Appsecute, customers can discover and purchase application hosting and individual services in a marketplace (think AWS marketplace, only different) they can also manage and monitor their applications through the portal. Using their Appsecute user account, users can achieve single sign-on across all of their clouds and services. Appsecute is to PaaS what enStratus is to IaaS (and since I’m so bullish about enStratus, that’s very much a complement).

Appsecute is built on top of CloudFoundry, and supports all PaaS solutions based on CloudFoundry – at launch they’re supporting AppFog, Tier3 WebFabric and ActiveState Stackato.


I’m a busy guy so why would I spend time helping out Appsecute in particular?

  • With no funding, and little time, Mark and Tyler have created a real product that people are using in the wild – no vaporware here
  • I believe PaaS is the way of the future, any solution that gives users a “single pane of glass” across all their clouds, applications and services, will help
  • Cloud Foundry has managed to build a very vibrant ecosystem in a very short space of time – that bodes well for the future
  • By providing a single holistic view of the cloud at the PaaS level, Appsecute paves the way for a true multi-cloud ecosystem
  • Appsecute is making it easier than ever to assemble applications from best-of-breed services
  • Appsecute answers the sometimes conflicting needs of IT (control and management) and devops (visibility and ease of use)

Appsecute is launching its public beta this week – feel free to go check it out….

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