CudaDrive. It’s not exactly a name which rolls off the tongue. Indeed, when I first heard it, I thought the PR person was referring to some new product to protect against head lice. Upon a deeper dive, however, I realized that CudaDrive is the name of  Barracuda’s new file-sharing solution.

Barracuda is, of course, the vendor delivering security and storage solutions. Over 150,000 organizations worldwide use Barracuda’s products. But until now, Barracuda has mainly played in the heavy infrastructure space. CudaDrive takes them much closer to actual end users.

So, what is CudaDrive exactly? Barracuda is touting CudaDrive as a secure cloud file-sharing solution. The emphasis, unsurprisingly given Barracuda’s history, is on “secure.” Also, given the company’s background, it is unsurprising to see that CudaDrive is also being offered via an on-premises appliance. The idea being that, unlike pure-play cloud-based file-sharing solutions like Google Drive or Box, CudaDrive will help organizations with a slow and steady transition from existing corporate file shares. CudaDrive enables users to access files stored in the Barracuda cloud from anywhere or any device, and helps preserve storage space by not requiring synced copies of files to be stored locally.

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