From that category of "what a complete cock-up" comes news that ISP Slingshot‘s iTalk VoIP service went dead the other day. The reason? An expired domain – it seemed the Slingshot staffer set the domain up and used his/her personal email address as the contact, resulting in Slingshot not getting the subscription reminder.

It’s back up now but it seems there are a bunch of less than satisfied customers out there.

Justification for using a more robust telco provider perhaps?

Ben Kepes

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  • Reminds me of a story from a few years back. 2nd hand toll bypass switch running unlicensed software + mate of staff doing some “upgrades” + no roll-back plan = loss of main revenue stream for a week and a rather embarrassing phone call to vendor….

  • Microsoft let their domain lapse a few years ago. Seriously.

  • I read the beginning of your post with glee thinking that Slingshot had shut down their VoiP “service”. I signed up with Slingshot about a year ago purely to use this service. Big problem – couldn’t hear! Absolutely useless. I used Skype all the time so it wasn’t at my end. It may have improved but recommend you test it well before you commit to Slingshot.

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