Interesting news last week from two of the Big Four global audit and accounting firms and a glimpse into the future of professional services.

First up was KPMG, which announced that it is signing up to IBM‘s “Jeopardy!“-winning analytics service to help with its auditing requirements. Given the time, cost and (dare I say it) inane world of audit, this could be an interesting move. IBM is, of course, pushing Watson incessantly as its huge opportunity for growth — it acquired The Weather Company partially as a vertical big data opportunity, but also for its huge data sets to continue improving Watson’s performance. Healthcare, too, has seen IBM push its Watson luxe.

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Ben Kepes

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  • After reading the article, the move into using artificial intelligence makes sense: the time and effort spent wading through data can be better utilized for high-value tasks that require much more thought and skill to carry out. In the future, it will be crucial for accountants to prioritize their work in a way that places emphasis on their personal strengths in consultation while the more tedious low-value tasks are handled by the machine. Thanks for sharing!

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