IP services are the way of the future, large organisations however have been fairly conservative to embrace what they can bring to a business.

Refreshing to read this morning that the Bank of New Zealand has rolled out VoIP to 5,000 staff, across 186 BNZ branches and six corporate sites across the country. Even better is the comment by the BNZ CIO who says;

….bank staff are increasing their knowledge of the technology, so BNZ is in turn developing enhanced and new capabilities. These include improved internal conferencing, collaboration tools, video-conferencing, and smarter call handling and distribution. This enables faster customer call presentation to staff without multiple diversions

This is the stuff I like – cost savings (I assume) with added value. Telephony 2.0

Ben Kepes

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  • This is indeed good news – VOIP has been around for quite some time but it has not really made it that big with the major businesses (for what reason I don’t really understand). A big group like BNZ taking on IP services is a big thing for the VOIP industry.

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