Big news this morning is the announcement of a deal that sees acquire GroupSwim (more on GroupSwim here). It seems the announcement came today but this has been brewing for sometime, GroupSwim VP of Customer Success Jason Rothbart’s Facebook status is showing him as a director of salesforce since August of this year.

According to the GroupSwim site, existing users still have access “during this transition” but GroupSwim is not accepting any new registrations.

The entire GroupSwim team (both US and Sweden based) has now been rolled into salesforce itself.

Given salesforce’s recent acquisition/deal with Coda2go (now FinancialForce) and the recent *announcement* of salesforce chatter, this deal sees salesforce really starting to round out a complete business productivity suite, all able to be built, developed upon, and delivered on the platform.

I spoke with Rothbart who was understandably reluctant to give out much detail. He did say that: and the GroupSwim team share a common vision for cloud computing and the next generation of collaboration for business. Stay tuned because we’re going to do exciting things with the technology.

Which doesn’t really say much at all 😉

At this stage they’re not addressing any questions on product roadmap but will update in the months to come.

No details of the deal were available – however given the difficult economic climate and the relative dearth of information coming out of GroupSwim in the past few months, I can’t imagine it was a deal that set the world on fire.

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