When Telecom New Zealand announced its plans for cabinetisation, there was outrage from some members of the Telco brigade who claimed it was an anti-competitive move and proof that TNZ should be further regulated.

Still others claimed that TNZ had been planning (and publicly at that) the move for years and as such should have been no surprise to the competition.

Rod tends to be seen as a fairly neutral party in matters such as this so it was great to see his post this morning which, after TNZ had run him through the practicalities, ended up with saying that cabinetisation was a good thing.

TNZ helpfully provided Rod with these diagrams which pictorially show the benefits of cabinetisation. True this only helps with domestic traffic and things need to be done to improve international service, but it’s a good start.

This is the diagram showing pre cabinetisation bandwidth;

Pre Cabinetisation

And this is what it looks like with FTTC …

Post cabinetisation

Disclosure – Diversity Limited is a consultant to Telecom New Zealand and its subsidiaries.

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