I’m always happy to hear of Kiwi tech success stories – I spend a bunch of time helping companies from here in New Zealand and get excited when I see them executing on the global stage. Case in point – Litmos. The Learning Management System (LMS) that I reviewed nearly three years ago.

Callidus software announced this morning that it has acquired Litmos in a transaction with (as usual) no public details. I only know of the acquisition through some sleuthing of share transfers this week. Funnily enough I wrote about Callidus a couple of years ago, when they announced an intention to move their entire product suite to SaaS delivery.

Callidus is a Sales performance Management (SPM) provider that has a host of modules from external facing ones (onboarding, channel management) to more inwards facing tools (reporting & analytics, sales communications). Litmos is actually a pretty good fit with their suite, as it allows Callidus to build an end to end suite of sales tools that not only help deliver sales activities, but manage the lifecycle and development of sales staff.

Litmos was a four years young company, founded and run by a small team in Auckland, New Zealand. Despite being a small team of three, Litmos has some high profile customers including Eloqua, Saasu, BOSCO and BeatMedical. No detail about what the acquisition means for these existing customers was at hand – here’s hoping that Callidus commits to supporting existing customers using Litmos as a standalone product and doesn’t try and force people into using more of their core tools.

Either way – congratulations to Rich, Daniel and Nicole on their exit. Onto the next one now guys!


Ben Kepes

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