• Step One Of DevOps Ignores Technology


    I’ve spent a bunch of time talking with Adrian Cockcroft, former cloud tzar at Neflix, and listening to his various talks and presentations. I’ve also spent a bunch of time looking around the various rooms within which he presents and seen the dazed look of attendees who have rightly assumed that just seen a picture of the way organizations should be. Netflix is unquestionably an exemplar for IT reinvented – where innovation, agility and developer enablement are natural parts of what they do. But then I’ve seen these new disciples of the “Netflix way” write a list of the technologies that Cockcroft detailed and attempt to shoehorn those same approaches into their own organization. All to often the result is disappointment, failed projects and a swing back to the traditional rigid ways of doing things. These thoughts struck me then I hear about this new masthead and its aim of creating a hub for DevLops thought leaders – surely giving IT practitioners a good place to find the latest tools…

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