I just hate all this hyperbole about CEO’s and blogs. I mean if a CEO sees value in having a blog and actually uses it regularly than fine – but if it’s just a trend bandwagon….

Over at No8 Ventures , Jenny Morel has her own blog last posting…. February 28th.

I mean why bother? Maybe I’m wrong and it’s good that she only writes when there’s actually something to say. But couldn’t she just post something on their website. I don’t know – sounds a little like hype to me….

Ben Kepes

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  • Hi Ben,

    Good point about CEO’ blogging but you might want to refresh you feed or go to the site – there has been a couple of others posts including 1 on 2oth of April.

  • The main reason why just adding to the rest of the website is less attractive is the auto archiving of blog platforms generally. Dynamic pages are better for SEO as well.

    Also meant to say that Jenny’s blog has multiple autors which is also a good way to share the load and keep content fresh so Andy Lark posted the last couple of items.

    It is not easy to get to exec leaders of the calibre of the No.8 team and so you should see that blog as an opportunity to engage with them in a meaningful way rather than a minus. (Which I’m sure you didn’t mean.) It’s lucky that blogs allow the ability to “repent at leaisure” as you can re edit if a better example comes along.

  • Yes there are some more recent posts but I was referring to Jenny posting herself. Don’t get me wrong No8 is a great VC and Jenny is a real role model. I’m just sick of the continual “CEO’s need to blog if they want to survive” hyperbole which is patently absurd.

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