As regular readers will know, I’ve taken up the role of Australia/New Zealand organizer of CloudCamps. The interest in these camps from both sponsors and attendees has been overwhelming – 2010 really is shaping up to be “The Year of the Cloud”.

One month in to 2010 and we’ve already lined up events on both sides of the Tasman – mark the following in your diary and (even better) dive on in and register.

Not content to let Australasian boundaries get in the way, I spoke with Eric Norlin, organizer of the fantastic conference, Glue, about running a CloudCamp in Denver in conjunction with his event. (Disclosure – I’m on the advisory board for Gluecon). Global CloudCamp honcho Dave Neilsen was also keen on the idea so between the three of us we had a deal!

Ever the inclusive and community minded gent that he is, Eric agreed and so I’m stoked to announce that the first ever CloudCamp to be held in Denver will occur on May 25th 2010. Final details are yet to be set but CloudCamp at Gluecon will occur in the afternoon/early evening before Gluecon starts (May 25th from 4pm to 8pm MST), we’ll be having a CloudCamp on the same site as where Gluecon will take place over the following two days (the 26th/27th).and will be at the same venue that Gluecon is being held at.

If you’re going to be at Gluecon (and you should – honestly, regardless of my involvement it’s an awesome event) or in Denver on the 25th, dive on in here and register. And if you’re looking to sponsor an event that’s got all the clouderati talking, feel free to get in touch.

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