“With SAP Business ByDesign, SAP was (and still is) the first company to release an ERP suite that users access and work with through the Internet.”

Stuff like this frankly really peeves me. How long ago was it that the traditional vendors were decrying cloud as insecure, a waste of time, the same as had gone before and a bunch of other things?

And now that cloud has been proved, they’re busy being that snotty little kid in the school yard saying “we thought of it first”

SAP – you’re a great company and all but this is just wrong. NetSuite? Workday?


Ben Kepes

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  • And grammatically it makes no sense either. If you were the first to do something, logically you would continue to be the first to have done it.

  • Where did you find that quote? Out of curiosity I looked on their web site (hosted in the cloud), and it says:

    “SAP Business ByDesign is the first fully-fledged ERP suite coming from SAP that users access and work with through the Internet.”

    Which is a bit more reasonable.


  • I, Al Gore was teh first to invent Cloud ERP, let’s keep history correct.

  • Actually – they could be right on the first statement. I used to work on a SAP ERP project in the late 90’s that was accessible via the Internet. Sames goes for Oracle Financials too (called Oreacle Financial On-Demand back then). I deployed both for travel companies. Both of these events were before Netsuite and Workday. Long before.

    If you are defining accessible via Internet just as it says – they could be right if you think about it.

    • Eg. From Wikipedia January 1998: Oracle releases Oracle Applications 10.7 Network Computing Architecture (NCA). All the applications in the business software now run across the web in a standard web browser.

      SAP had something similar.

      Not sure who was first though.

      Now this was single tenent of course. But SAP didn’t differentiate..

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