Disclosure – I am an adviser to Connect2Field, but I still think this is pretty interesting

I’m stoked to be an advisor to Connect2Field. They’re an Australian startup, but not wanting to hold that against them, what I really like is the fact that they’re brining the cloud to traditional Mom and Pop businesses. I’ve always said that Cloud Computing is really exciting precisely because it democratizes technology – bringing technology down to small businesses that formerly had no option to enjoy the benefits that said technology can bring.

Connect2Field is a good example of this – they do software that allows small businesses to keep field service workers (think electricians, plumbers, trash collectors) informed of jobs while they are out on the road – all without investing in super expensive technology that they would formerly have needed to acquire.

Part of the value that Connect2Field brings is when it is integrated with other smart apps – maybe an inventory system for tradespeople, or some cool location based software, or something else. To this end they have launched a $500000 marketing and integration fund which is designed to assist its customers in getting up and running using Connect2Field, along with the opportunity for partners to get access to new customers. The interesting (in my mind) part of the fund will be used to assist with the marketing and development of 3rd party applications integrating into Connect2Field using the API

More information about the fun can be found here.

Ben Kepes

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