I posted late last year about how Zendesk (more on them here) had crowdsourced the translation of their application into different languages. At the time CEO Mikkel Svane commented that;

Within just a few weeks of releasing the Zendesk internationalization tool we had support for more than 25 languages, and hundreds of customers had already enabled the new languages on their support portals. We see this as a trend that clearly shows companies are amenable to living with minor inaccuracies in favor of agility and speed

Well the other day I was having a noodle around inside my box.net account and I discovered that it’s not only bootstrapping startups who find crowdsourcing attractive. Yes, down the bottom of my account page in box was this text:

As I mentioned in my post about Zendesk – their translation cost them the paltry sum of a Zendesk T shirt per translator. Box too have some cool shirts – I wonder if their rate for translation services is the same as Zendesk’s. Care to comment Aaron?

On another, but somewhat related – note, I have a couple of gift cards for a one year, 5GB box.net accoutn that are left over from a conference schwag bag – first two people to either leave a comment here or otherwise contact me get the gift card. Nice.

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