Once upon a time, back in the deepest darkest days around 2010, I had to remember a host of different passwords for different services.

If truth be told, I, like so many others, probably used the same password for the bulk of different services I signed up for. Back then it may not have been such an issue but recent years have shown how password reuse is a massive potential risk vector. I don’t need to worry about that anymore since I’ve used, for a few years, a password manager to wrangle all my logins.

Password managers are simple, yet important little things — they remember an individuals passwords to all the different services they use, and lock it all up behind a single, highly complex, master password. Of course there is a risk there, in that a single source has access to all an individual’s services but, touch wood (or knock on wood, for you Americans), thus far there have been very few security issues with these vendors. I guess, since password management is their core business, they have a pretty incredible level of motivation to do everything in their power to remain robust.

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Ben Kepes

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