If you are interested in IoT, today’s news about the launch of Density, a new people-counting sensor that has been created by alums from Apple and the Y Combinator accelerator, should catch your attention.

Density is a small sensor that anonymously measures how busy a location is in real-time. In practice, with the device mounted above an entryway, a business can use the Density API to access how many people have visited. A limitless variety of potential customers, from hospitals to homeless shelters, coffee shops to corporate campuses, can then use their space better.

Still a tiny company of six, Density was founded in 2014 in San Francisco and is launching its “sensor-as-a-service” offering today. The device, which is about the size of an Apple TV, is touted as a simple, anonymous and most importantly accessible people-counting product. Rather than focusing on the device per se, Density is really about providing a data platform that customers can integrate into their third-party solutions. In terms of the technology, Density utilizes infrared light, depth sensing technology, machine learning and computer vision to derive an accurate people count without being able to determine age, gender or ethnicity.

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Ben Kepes

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