I do this sort of in depth research and analysis so you, my dear readers, don’t have to. The hotel I stayed at in Chennai was the GRT Grand, a lovely place that harked back to the days of the empire and England’s best and brightest enjoying ginsling and high tea.

Anyway – I digress. As fellow travellers know the most exciting thing about being overseas is checking out the free toiletries supplies at the hotel. The GRT Grand was no exception and I was stoked to find a shaving kit came with the deal (no need to schlep mine from home after all).


Part of the shaving kit was a small sachet of shaving cream pictured below. You’ll note the "cut here" symbol and the picture of a pair of scissors.


I’ve got to say Gilette is a cool company with excellent products (I’m a bit out of the loop – does their current premier shaver have 7 or 8 blades?) but there’s something missing here. I was a good Boy Scout who has always adhered to the Scouting mantra "be prepared" but even I don’t shower with a pair of scissors at hand. What’s worse I had no scissors in my hotel room so ended up resorting to spearing the sachet with a pen in order to extract said shaving cream.

User centricity? Not

Ben Kepes

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  • My current razor has just one blade – good old fashioned “safety razor”. In a pinch you can take the blade out an use it as a scalpel for packet surgery such as this.

    Unfortunately I had it in my hand luggage on my last flight. The security officer kindly confiscated the blade but let me keep my antique razor – nice.

    My philosophy of shaving from when I used to do it every day…

  • Hi Ben,

    Keep an eye out for the King of Shaves “Azor” (www.shave.com) due for release here next month. Has picked up 15% of the UK market in no time – 4 blades, made from recycled material and priced to blow Gillette out of the water.

    Next month’s Big Boys Toys in Akl will have the KoS “Shave Squad” doing on stage shaving as the promo launch. I’m helping train the girls tonight on shaving etiquette 🙂

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