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Late last year we took an extended family holiday and flew Emirates to Cairo and return. We’re Skywards members and so should have gained enough air points for a gratis trip to Australia.

About a month ago I rang Emirates (or their call centre anyway) to find out about our points. After waiting a significant time I finally talked to someone who told me that air-points statements are sent out twice a year and we should have ours in a few days.

For the record I have never received a Skywards statement (and it’s not almost a year since we travelled). Worse than this there is nowhere I’ve found to contact them about this, the lost password and lost username pages on the website don’t seem to go anywhere and the feedback form on their website redirects to the front page.

Sort it out Emirates! I want to know how many miles I’ve got, how far that will get me (us) and I want to use them. Please please sort out your systems and let me know when you have…..

Key words for a google search…. annoyed emirates airline service lack of air-miles website &%^^#@^(&(

PPS – If you want to fly us to Dubai to make up for the hassle and have me write a glowing article for Inspire magazine, I might consider it!

Ben Kepes

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  • After travelling numerous times on Emirates in 2005/2006 I’ve also never received a statement that I can recall. With Skywards I was disappointed that status points work on a calendar basis so travelling business class to the Middle East in mid December earned me status points that expired 2 weeks after I earned them.

  • Which makes Air New Zealand’s airpoints $ look like the way to go. Simple to use and redeem. I have air points for most major airlines and they usually expire or i just can’t get to use them.

    But that’s their cunning plan isn’t it?

  • Indeed it is – we’ve got fly buys, global plus dollars and emirates air points and don’t seem to be able to use any of them except for meaningless faffle

  • I am currently battling Singapore Air and Air New Zealand to get the points from my trip to NZ from europe. I actually saw my airpoints number in the computer, I saw her put the card in the system … when i got my statement 4 months later … no points. Of course now they demand the boarding pass and ticket – which i don’t have, as i saw them with my own eyes !!!
    And yeah, you hardly ever get to use them anyway … but travelling enough to get a gold card eases the journey 🙂

  • I regularly use my earned airpoints to upgrade my flights and find emirates the best option between NZ and Dubai. You can also buy miles at a significantly cheaper rate to boost your ability to upgrade.
    You guys and paper statements, I am not home enough to read them so i dont want them anyway.

  • Seems I am not alone! As we two were travelling to UK and back decided Skywards way to go for credits towards Oz trip later. Joined courtesy of a Emirates man on end of telephone before UK trip and thus secured designated seats (I’m tall). After months of no-contact made e-mail inquiries which led to expensive phone call to Dubai. Found our account was included in the family account of someone I’d never heard of (same surname though) and as two months had elapsed since our flight, sorry, we’ll sign you up under your own name and you start from scratch. No points from our UK trip, nothing. No sign of a statement at any time. Talk about pointless!! Guess who our next trip won’t be with.

  • @alan – bummer

    I feel your pain. we just let all our emirates points lapse 🙁

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