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There is a widespread opinion among pundits and cloud practitioners that enterprises are running away from public clouds. Part of the reason for this impression is the real security concerns about the cloud and the rest is due to the misinformation campaign unleashed by vendors who have a lot to lose in the cloud era. However, the enterprises are more open minded than what these people want you to believe and they are tapping into the public clouds at varying levels.

Recently newScale® Inc., the company offering IT service catalog software for enterprises, and Hyperstratus, the silicon valley based cloud computing consultancy firm, conducted an informal survey of 200 IT operations managers, infrastructure executives, developers, and architects from leading Global 2000 organizations and found some surprising results.

Some of these results include

  • About 47% of the participants told that the developers in their company used external cloud providers in some form or other. Out of this, 32% told that their developers strictly use in test and dev environments and 15% said it is used in test, dev abd, even, production environments
  • When asked about the importance of a hybrid environment of internal data centers and external cloud providers, only 9% told that it is not important. A whopping 91% have answers ranging from important to very important with varying emphasis on internal data centers and external cloud providers.

Even though this survey is not scientific, it does offer us a glimpse of what enterprise IT folks think about cloud computing. Contrary to conventional thinking, enterprises are not terrorized by the idea of cloud computing. In fact, when I spoke with various cloud vendors like Skytap, they told me that they see considerable traction with the enterprise customers. Many vendors pointed out that the enterprises are very open to adopting public clouds in the test and dev environments and some are even considering deployment on production environments. The above survey goes on to confirm these assertions.

I would like to learn from Cloud Ave readers about what they think about enterprise public/external cloud adoption. If you are a member of enterprise IT team or a vendor selling to enterprises, please take the following survey to help us get better insight into the enterprise mindset. We appreciate your time in taking this poll.

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