logo_onenet Awesome to read that a New Zealand company claimed bragging rights to being the first in the world to successfully synchronise the iPhone 3G with Microsoft Exchange 2007. OneNet is a cool company dong several on-demand solutions including backup, exchange, anti-virus and sharepoint.

Cool that they’ve got the bragging rights to being first. Well done guys


Ben Kepes

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  • *shrug* First in the world? one imagines Apple or Microsoft may have tested exchange sync at some stage prior to release.

  • Good grief. ComputerWorld and OneNet need to smacked on the head for such a pointless article.

  • Really, who cares? Yes it’s cool they can sync the phone to exchange but it’s hardly a Guiness world record. Looks more like a bit of a marketing angle for them.

    Re: OneNet believes this was the world’s first email to be received by any iPhone 3G user.”
    Sheesh! What about all the testers?

    Maybe I should be the first in the world to cook my iPhone in a toaster? That’d be interesting…

    PS: I have an iPhone 3G and have it syncing to Exchange. It’s cool but unfortunately I’m probably only the 3rd person – so no credo or balloons for me.

    wait! I purchased a polycarbonate case from TradeMe for it. Maybe I’m the first to do that?

  • Guys – whatever happened to celebrating our local companies?


  • Hey guys – I apologize. Feeling a little cranky today after not a lot of sleep. I shouldn’t comment on blogs when tired.

    Ben, feel welcome to delete my comment…


  • @Julian – as a matter of policy I don’t do censorship – happy to be lashed in the warm and supportive environment….

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