With a hat tip to David (who I usually argue with about somewhat higher brow issues) have a look at the following two vids. There’s (I guess) a decade between them but in terms of how far we’ve come it may as well have been aeons.

All this is only marginally (and yet perhaps a little) related to a conversation I had with a friend over the weekend. He’s a staunch Facebook resistor his reasons for doing so he expressed thus;

Now with Facebook, the trade off is convenience of a new way of communicating, vs. assisting what is rapidly becoming a very Orwellian future in which history is rewritten daily. We can’t resist everything, but we all choose our battles. I know in this day and age I may sound like a paranoid Luddite with no sense of humour but….

Where I can use technology to my advantage I do, but at this point Facebook would be like discovering the joys of cigarettes or online games or butt plugs – probably of dubious benefit!

He’s also from a school of thought the one could describe as somewhat conspiracist – to see what I mean click here.

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