I’m not usually big on Gartner’s crystal-ball-gazing Magic Quadrant methodology – some people claim it’s pay-for-play writ large. I don’t know about that, it just seems to be a somewhat hokey, albeit scientifically-based, prediction of what might occur or, more often, hat already is.

Anyway – with that said, the latest IaaS MQ is pretty interesting viewing:


Random thoughts, in no real order:

  • Congrats to my buddies at Tier 3 – a little player being seen to punch above its weight (and doing awesome stuff with PaaS at the same time)
  • AWS up and to the right – that’s one positioning that is very hard to argue with
  • Dell? Dell? What the hell are you doing – you and your buddies at Fujitsu better do something big, and fast (whatever DID happen to Fujitsu and private Azure)
  • There’s a lot of folks hanging around the middle there – something has to happen to create some differentiation sometime soon
Oh and if the Gartner approach is too straight laced – Simon Wardley has just the answer:
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