Every now and then I get to make someone’s day with a free giveaway – today is one of those days. I have six free Flexiroam packs to give away to the first six people to leave a comment or message me through any channel.

Flexiroam is a MVNO or, in non-acronym speak, a mobile virtual network operator. What that means is that, with no mobile networks of their own, Flexiroam enters into partnerships with other mobile network operators to offer bundled services to customers. in their case, Flexiroam is, as the name suggests, resolving issues around mobile roaming. The company, which was founded in 2011 by Current CEO Jefrey Ong, is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and is all about making life easier for international travelers who can’t do without voice or data services.

Flexiroam has alliances with over 100 travel industry partners, including airlines and travel agencies, and provides roaming services in over 200 countries and territories. Instead of a replacement SIM, however, Flexiroam has an innovative offering, a thin microchip that is attached on top of customer’s existing SIM card which enables said customer to easily switch between their home network, and Flexiroam’s alternative network. The microchip, much like a regular SIM, connects to local networks and, returns via a mobile application, users activate the chip and connect via Flexiroam, rather than their regular telco.

Conversely, when users return home, they can switch back to their home network without changing SIMs. It should be noted that this isn’t a pseudo dual-SIM option, after a user has switched to the Flexiroam network, they will not be able to receive phone calls. This protects users from being charged by their home telcos.

Flexiroam has 3G coverage in over 120 countries and 4G coverage in 56 of those countries. For more information about how it works, see the video below.

I have six Flexiroam SIM’s with 100MB of preloaded data each – comment below, Tweet me, mention this post on LinkedIn or in some other way reach out and you might just have one winging its way to you soon.

Ben Kepes

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