In less than two weeks I’ll be winging my way half way around the world (for the third time this year). So why do I put myself through it? Well in part because I get to attend such awesome events as one I’ll be taking part in at the Omni Interlaken in Denver in a few weeks – I’ve written before about how I love the events that Eric Norlin puts on – and Glue is one of those events.

The agenda is almost done and it’s looking awesome! We’ve got professor Eric Brewer from UC-Berkley, the creator of CAP theorem. We’ve got Chandar Pattabhiram from Cast Iron Systems who will no doubt be glowing after their purchase by IBM. There’s a pre-event CloudCamp that I’ll be helping to facilitate. There’s the inimitable Chris Hoff from Cisco, Doug Crockford the creator of JSON – pretty much at every turn there are the people thinking about, and providing solutions for, the problems involving the Glue that ties all these cool web tools together.

All my talking-it-up has no doubt got you excited about the event and so, in a gesture that our status as number one media sponsor of note gives us the ability to provide, we’re giving away three free tickets toe Gluecon. And we’re making it simple – just contact me (@benkepes on Twitter) with a fantastic reason why you should be there (and even better, with a fantastic reason why we’d love to meet you there) and we’ll, as they say, hook you up.

Oh and by the way, and in the interests of full disclosure, I’m an advisor to Glue conference (unpaid, of course) but have been raving about Eric’s events long before I reached that exalted status!

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