SAP Hybris recently ran a unique summit which saw, over a 24 hour period, a series of global events, a digital conference and some product news. The company invited me to the New York event to meet with customers and executives and discuss what the news was. Before I go into my thoughts, it is worth summarizing what Hybris announced.

The SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud solution, while a mouthful to say, is actually a product with a pretty simple idea. The focus of the product is to go beyond traditional quote-to-cash offerings and instead offer solutions that cover the spectrum of the monetization process — order configuration, pricing, quoting, order orchestration and subscription billing. Hybris articulated a perspective that the rise of the so-called “subscription economy” is resulting in a need for solutions that can go beyond static pricing, and instead offer a dynamic and ongoing flexibility. Hybris suggested that in the new “outcome-based” world, a solution like this is required if organizations are to be successful in their efforts to digitally transform. Available initially in the U.S., and due for global rollout through the year, the solution will include a number of different editions for specific verticals.

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