Google is doing a pretty good job of delivering a set of products to justify its claim of being a globally competitive cloud infrastructure provider. As I have said many times before, it has the operational expertise, the scale and capital efficiency and the appetite for disruptive approaches to really […]

Ben Kepes

Ben Kepes is a technology evangelist, an investor, a commentator and a business adviser. Ben covers the convergence of technology, mobile, ubiquity and agility, all enabled by the Cloud. His areas of interest extend to enterprise software, software integration, financial/accounting software, platforms and infrastructure as well as articulating technology simply for everyday users.

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  • Ben, thanks for covering. Hopefully this indeed was lazy lawyering copy and pasting TOS from a free consumer platform where assertion reigns contract law to a paid product where enterprise customers pay for a level of service to secure their customers data. I almost thought you’d pulled an early April fools joke / my bad linky Steve Yegge…

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