This evening I continues my long lasting quest to get my Google calender completely two way sync-ing to my smartphone (Symbian or WM5 – I have one of each).

I decided to trial a product called syncmycal. Having installed it and got it going in Outlook (unfortunately it’s always a two step from Google to Mobile device), I realised I had a couple of questions I needed to be answered.

I clicked on the “live online support” tab – only to be greeted by someone who was actually human, actually there, actually understood the product he was supporting and actually had the right answers for me there and then.

Nagarro, the company behind syncmycal, found a great help desk provider and should be seen as a model for how to do things.

And Varun – thanks very much for you help!

Ben Kepes

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  • Yes sir that is right. The support that is provided is excellent. I use the desktop version for Outlook 2007 and it works without a hitch. Not only is the live support very good, if you raise a ticket they usually have next day responses. I reported a bug and they sent me a patch within the week and they obviously eliminated that bug from the next

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