(Sorry but anyone who orders a coffee like that is a ^%!(*&@er)

Anyway – friendly roastery C4 Espresso has a new website alive and kicking. C4 is an exciting place; fun, lively and creative. They’re also the proud owners of a beautiful new Probat roaster that is a monster when compared to their existing one.

C4 is soon to be relocated to the wonderfully stylish ground floor of the old John Burns Building. Directly underneath the Cactus worldwide HQ.

C4 mail orders nationwide – so drop them a line if you’re in the market for some beans (or other coffee paraphernalia).

BTW – Mine will either be a flat whit or a ristretto depending on mood.

Ben Kepes

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  • Has the Lichfield gentrification caught up with them (or is it the lack of space)? At least they’ll still be in walking distance (although it’s a wet walk when it rains)

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