I’m always interested in the office politics/keeping employees happy debate. I’ve read in the past Ricardo Semlar’s book Maverick (highly recommended – Amazon it) and it struck a chord with its stories of employee autonomy and self-determination. I struggle however to translate that ethos into other business situations. I guess at its most crude one can see how to increase employee participation with highly motivated workers, but to translate that aim right across the workforce is hard.

I don’t buy the concept that, for example, giving a worker a business card and title, created that sort of commitment all of a sudden. Especially not in the event that the management is too busy focused on deliverables that it doesn’t have time to do simple things like actually talk with them in passing!

Anyway – this movie from Campbell live showcases two very different organisations and looks at their methods for achieving employee buy-in.

Recommended viewing!

Ben Kepes

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