This week is going to see a huge number of announcements from Cloud vendors – the Cloud Connect event is a date they time releases for. One of the announcements coming out is from Keynote, a NASDAQ listed vendor of mobile and internet monitoring. Keynote is announcing Cloud Application Perspective an on demand software agent that monitors Web application performance inside private clouds. We’re seeing more and more traditional players move into private clouds, alongside this there is a massive growth in cloud automation and monitoring solutions, Keynote’s take is to provide a solution that monitors service availability and performance monitoring inside and outside the private cloud.

Keynote provides a benchmarking service – by deploying Cloud Application Perspective in its data center, also known as ‘the first mile,’ a company can compare inside the firewall data with data from the Keynote global network, which gathers performance data from 275 locations around the world. Once a problem has been identified as internal, Cloud Application Perspective can drill down further on the data to gather more information, develop a very good hypothesis of exactly what is causing the problem, and if it’s a large organization, where the issue should be routed.

Similarly the application can be deployed at branch offices to assess the performance of critical applications. The application provides historical data which is valuable when there are multiple IT solution providers in the mix. By gathering hard data, vendor selection or renewal can be made based on actual performance and SLAs can be monitored.

Cloud APplication Perspective will monitor web services/APIs and rolls up all the data in a performance portal they’re calling MyKeynote, which comes with dashboards, alerts and diagnostics.

All of that sounds good but… the application is only available as a download (ok, since it needs o sit in specific locations I can accept that, but is only available for Windows PCs. In  day and age where cloud computing is obviating any necessity for a particular type of operating system – something of an anachronism. Probably not a deal breaker for those the product is aimed for but…. not ideal for this purist. Cloud Application Perspective is immediately available and price is based on measurement volume. Typical monthly pricing may start from $500 USD.

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  • I have heard about this cloud connect. I think this is a great way for its developers to produce a product such as this one, with sense of sensitivity to our environment.

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