A few months ago I wrote a post discussing some interesting vertical offerings that I’d seen built on top of the salesforce.com platform. I alluded to a new offering that was, at that time in stealth mode – the company behind that offering, Trineo has been invited to San Francisco next week to pitch to a panel of investment and IT gurus, including Sequoia Capital, as part of the final selection process for the Force 40 Innovation Showcase competition, run by Salesforce.com as part of their Dreamforce conference in November.

Trineo is a development and consultancy service focusing on both salesforce.com implementation and custom force.com development out of the Canterbury Innovation Incubator in Christchurch. Managing director of Trineo, Daniel Fowlie, is going to spend around 26 hours in a plane in order to make a seven minute presentation of his LegalSoftOnline product. LegalSoftOnline is still in stealth mode but I’ve seen both early versions, and the current iteration. In talking about his product, Fowlie said that;

A typical server-based legal practice management system can cost tens of thousands of dollars, with additional IT, deployment and upgrade costs. An online system such as Trineo’s, however, does everything a server-based system does, but is far more flexible, equally secure, and has no large upfront cost.

I’m stoked to see Daniel doing well – both becuase he’s a really nice guy, and more generally becuase he’s building a product from here in EnZed! See more here.

Good luck Daniel!

Ben Kepes

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  • Falafulu Fisi |

    The following journal would be useful for Trineo’s product development.

    Artificial Intelligence and Law

    Also explore CBR (Cased-based-reasoning) technology because it has been applied in a few legal-case-based-retrieval-system before, which is one of the cutting-edge methods for memory-based expert system in law.

    I can give some hints of how to design a CBR engine or otherwise, your closest University will no doubt have experts in CBR, where you can get them to develop or consult.

  • Just rediscovered this post and the comment. Thanks Falafulu!

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