Michael Jason-Smith from GroupServer talking about email, and the benefits of being boring. Email is an old, but useful technology. How to maintain email relevancy in a many-to-many sphere. Questions about good usability and security compromises. ie for easiest usability and email group should be immediately accessible, to be secure however a security layer is needed – is there a better was to ensure security AND usability?

Sexy Slovak Marek selling us all on OpenID – even with some thorny questions from the floor!


Adam, Andrew and Marcus from SLI talking about what they do. I have to say I’d hate to be working in a space that even remotely touched Google’s frame of reference – they’re a scary competitor. Hopefully they don’t decide to move into manufacturing backpacks and outdoor clothing!

Phillip Lindsay showing off some cool hardware toys and talking about personal wikis as an organisational aid and also pimping Planet NZTech and The Valley in Christchurch too…

Chris Blair from Zodal about some of the hardware stuff they do. They’ve developed a cool thing over at RugbyMate.

Everyone got to introduce themselves and give a three word description of what they’re into – I was (of course) user-centric design.

Dave Lane from Effusion and Egressive talking about their community/networked business model. Excellent comments about the 100/100 debacle. Awesome comments re collaboration. All in all an inspiring presentation…

Joel Pitt talking about the Singularity. Utilising technology to create greater-than-human intelligence. And how manyblades will Gilette be putting on their razors in 2100!


People started getting thirsty around 5pm…..

Roger Bays talking about his work with art and augmented reality.

Ben Kepes

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