I posted a week or so ago about the Boiled Tuatara website. Today the NZ manufacturers and exporters association owned up to posting the adds and the site is now down and linking to the MEA main site. The MEA site has much of the story behind the Boiled Tuatara campaign.

Now I personally agree with much that was said on the Boiled Tuatara site but I am a little nervous at the fact that it was unbridled political advocacy ported via an anonymous website. In this way it is little different from the dodgy flying geese that Saatchi’s did a few elections back in support of National (all the time doing it “under the radar”). It’s also not entirely dissimilar to the dodgy exclusive Brethren campaign against the Greens (and Labour) of the last election.

Unfortunately the impact of the message is lost in the subterfuge of the delivery…

Ben Kepes

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  • Do yourself a favour Kepesy and get one of these:


    Being in advertising we are all use Macs here, so i might be a little biased. But, the other week a contractor with a PC laptop came in (not the first time we have had a PC user either) and it took a few days to get him sorted on our network, printing etc. The same week a contractor with an Apple laptop came in, they plugged in the network cable and were up and working in 5 minutes. Giggle those purse-strings and send the PC back!

  • In my defence I use a lot of Win apps – I know I could run XP/Vista via parallels but thats kind of counter intuitive from my perspective.

    Roll on web 3.0 when all apps will reside in the clouds and there will be no more operating systems – it’ll all be browser based!

  • The reason for last week’s outburst has now become apparent. Obviously the MEA is setting itself up to be a self-styled champion for the long suffering “productive sector”.

    In a crowded advocacy marketplace, I guess one needs to make a splash to get media attention.

    It seems like they have been advised to adopt a negative campaign however. That’s a shame, because it rules out a collaborative approach.

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