In an announcement that, refreshingly, isn’t based around this weeks DreamForce conference, Nimbula (previous coverage here) today announced that its Nimbula Director product is being released as a public beta.

Nimbula Director is essentially a way to deliver cloud-like services behind the firewall. It allows customers to manage both public and private cloud infrastructure. It’s one of a plethora of services that offer enterprises the ability to create a private or hybrid cloud infrasturcture and manage their overall setup from one location.

Nimbula’s focus includes;

  • Scalability – The Nimbula cloud OS is designed for linear scaling from a few up  to hundreds of thousands of notes. This allows an organization to grow, and grow  quickly.
  • Ease of use – A highly automated, hands-off install requiring minimal configuration or interaction dramatically reduces the complexity of deploying an on-premise cloud. Racks come online automatically in under 15 minutes. Management of cloud services is largely automated, significantly improving operational efficiency.
  • Flexibility – The Nimbula cloud OS supports controlled federation to external private and public clouds like EC2 as needed by the customer during peak times or for specific applications.
  • Reliability – With no single point of failure, the Nimbula cloud OS employs sophisticated fail over mechanisms to ensure system integrity and resilience.
  • Security – A robust and flexible policy based authorization system supporting multi tenancy provides mature and reliable security, and sophisticated cloud management control

The announcement will provide more fuel in the public vs private vs hybrid cloud debate. Personally I’m pretty pragmatic, these vendors will live and die based on the market demand for what they’re doing. If private cloud is in fact the evil concept that some commentators would have us believe, then the market will very quickly move to a better way of doing things. Until then the hybrid cloud approach in particular is providing resonant with enterprise.

The bottom line is that large companies are keen to try the benefits that cloud brings – they want to do so however in concert with their existing infrasturcture. That’s where a holistic approach towards cloud management comes in.

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