I go to the odd commercial conference and they all tend to have a slick veneer but underneath they’re money making enterprises (after all most conferences are organised by self-serving professional conference companies).


I’m heading over to Office 2.0 in San Francisco in a couple of week and it was awesome to read Rafe’s post about the event. Turns out organiser Ismael Ghalimi does it for all the right reasons – it doesn’t make money (other than the status he obtains from putting on the event) but it’s truly an experiment in self-propelled collectivism.

Previous conferences I’ve been to have declared themselves to be on the wave of the shifting paradigm, embracing the web, collaboration et al. Most do nothing to put this claim into action – being instead mired in tons of paper, low connectivity, commercial plugs and the like – I’m looking forward to experiencing another way of doing things.

Click here for a discounted registration fee. (Oh and there’s a free ultra portable for each attendee – W00T!)

Ben Kepes

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