Troy posted about SuccessFactors using Facebook to allow a richer employee profile that goes beyond the structured data that is typically captured in a HCM (human capital management) service. Troy says;

myself and colleagues I have discussed this with like to keep a distinct barrier between personal and work networks. Sometimes they happen to overlap but that is by choice not by default.
I am not sure if employees will want their Facebook information used in a business context. Even if there is an “opt out” option there could still be pressure to permit the link to occur from your employer.

Troy is right in a way – we all have personas for work and personas for play. The coming social change however is blurring these distinctions and I believe that the successful plays with regards blending social and business networking tools will be to create silos within social networking arenas where ones business relationships and information occur.

I’ve posted about it before, but I believe solutions such as WorkLight will be the ones that find the intersection between social and business functionality. I’ve had a couple of exchanges with the WorkLight guys and I’m pretty impressed with their offering and their execution. I look forward to seeing more of their product offering in the near future.

Ben Kepes

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  • Hi Ben,
    I’m also in touch with Worklight. They do pretty the same as Newsgator but they market their Agregation Server on the export of corporate data in feeds throught widgets in consumer solution as iGoole or Netvibes.
    I still haven’t test the solution but worklight will certainly a good player in the agregration server component that turns enterprises to enterprise 2.0

    BTW the integration with Facebook is a quite a fake, but a wonderfull marketing plan 🙂


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