So….. the new Radiohead album is out. Want to buy it? Go to the Radiohead site where it is available for download. Purchase price? It’s up to you.

Yep with no DRM and a user set purchase price, Radiohead seem to be both jumping into Wikinomics wholeheartedly and thumbing their noses at the entire DRM situation.

I did a trial and put in a zero value order and it still seemed to work. As first mainstream playergoing down this route Radiohead will have created significant buzz for themselves. It will be interesting to see if the user-chosen-price-music from mainstream bands thing continues.

Ben Kepes

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  • Big news here in London. I thought whoa here we go to the next stage. record companies wont be happy but i think its juts another chink in the great wall of corporate control.

    Good on them for doing it. It will be interesting to see what the average price turns out to be.

    But imagine all the money that can be saved by removing record companies from the equation.

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