Australian company Atlassian whose web-based products have mostly been behind the firewall have now officially launched Jira Studio at the JavaOne conference going on San Francisco. Jira Studio is a hosted solution product bringing together a number of the Atlassian’s products into one cohesive unit.

At the heart of software development is the code and having somewhere to store it. Outside of Microsoft development the most popular version control systems are CVS and more recently/popularly SVN or Subversion. So at it’s heart Jira Studio is the open source SVN for a hosted version control system. Then Atlassian add to that their products to enhance productivity and collaboration. There is Atlassian’s original two products – the Confluence wiki and Jira issue tracker, and then there are Atlassian’s newer products they’ve acquired – Clover for code coverage, Crucible for code review and Fisheye for repository analysis.

Because Subversion runs on top of Apache web server it has long been available from hosting providers and has been of huge benefit to the open source community allowing developers to be spread all around the world and work from the same code base. Atlassian’s offering adds plenty of value for a premium enabling development teams to have all the tools for productive collaboration no matter where in the world team members are. And even for those teams all located in the same office it offers the classic SaaS benefits over hosting in-house. Pricing starts at US$250 a month for 5 users.

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