Buddy Kaila sent me the link to this post. Basically dude Bob fell prey to a phishing attack which resulted in his entire Google history (mail, chat, cal etc etc) being deleted. Luckily for Bob he has friends in high places and managed to have his information restored from those lovely Google servers, but for mere mortals….

I know the rationale that hard drives blow every now and then and that SaaS providers have security, backup and redundancies to the nth degree of what us mere mortals do. But still….

Everytime one of these horror stories happens it lessens somewhat the appeal of SaaS. The article asks questions in terms of contractual SLAs and liability but regardless of that there are some flip sides to going cloud based that people need to know about.

I guess the ultimate solution is to set oneself up redundencies – copying, for example, all emails from Gmail to another, non-Google provider. But who really has the time or inclination to go to this hassle.

As more and more of life migrates to the clouds, Phishers will be more and more liekly to target attacks on us hapless Web2.0 users.

Scary stuff huh?

Ben Kepes

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