Announced today – Solid Energy purchased Canterbury Biodiesel.

Great to see Biodiesel’s being recongnised as an important, valid and viable energy source for the future. The sooner New Zealand increases it’s tiny current level self-sufficiency in terms of fuel – the better.

Now some of those who protested against the Happy Valley mine (see my post here) might have a difficult decision about whether to chastise SE as devils or applaud them as Eco-warriors!

SE CEO Don Elder is a nice guy (actually Therese Arseneau his wife is nicer but maybe I’m a soft touch for intellectual Canadians) and maybe he’ll get a couple of bouquets rather than the brickbats he’s received of late.

Ben Kepes

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  • This is a good business decision. After all the company is called Solid Energy not NZ Coal. To position itself as an energy provider rather than simply a coal miner is the way forward.

  • A great move on Solid Energy’s part. It is good for their image, having more environmentally friendly energy. It is good for their business, to expand into another industry. Moreover, they now have a reply to the attacks on them from the eco-warriors!

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