I’ve written before about the internet of things and specifically how connecting the internet of things via the cloud can drive exciting real world improvements. Here’s an example for today…

As most readers will know, I live in rural New Zealand. I’m surrounded by sheep, cattle and an inordinate number of grape vines. I’m also sad that the technology I spend my day talking about hasn’t really made a difference to the rural world (beyond the obvious things like social marketing and the like).

An interesting pilot program from New Zealand company Gen-i is an example of how that could change. Gen-i has set up RuralZone, a pilot that brings together farmers, the meat companies and freight providers. The theory goes that farmers have a bunch of internet ready devices measuring things like ground temperature, feed stores, cattle weight and the like. The meat companies requirements, and trucking companies resource levels are integrated with on farm information to drive the best outcomes – the meat companies get the stock they need, farmers can tailor their practices to derive the best revenue, and freight companies can increase their own efficiencies.

It’s only a start for sure, but it’s an example of real world improvement. There’s only so long we can remain excited about our pot plant tweeting us that it needs watering before we look for some true benefits. Check out he video below for an introduction to what RuralZone is trying to do.


Ben Kepes

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